Jules' Pregnancy Blog

I'm Pregnant!

and I got to thinking "hey this is after all a Pregnancy and Baby website" so what better place to write about all my amazing pregnancy and baby adventures I have than right here!

I am 23 weeks and 2 days along...and yes I know that I am a bit late in starting this blog! Sorry about that! But better late than never right??!

I do know from experience that every pregnancy of mine has been different and so this third pregnancy should bring some new discoveries and adventures!

Join me on this amazing pregnancy adventure!

Here's what you can expect to read in this blog over the next several months:

  • a healthy pregnancy
  • organic nurseries
  • my decision to go with a midwife
  • differences in my pregnancies
  • how to get through your pregnancy while taking care of your other kids
  • new ideas for daddy to experience this third pregnancy

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    Getting Pregnant In College

    I was sitting on the doctor’s chair for nearly 20 minutes now. The nurse had taken in a sample of my urine for lab tests. I really was hoping for her to

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    Contribute to Pregnancy

    Would you like to share your knowledge about pregnancy? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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    Jules' Pregnancy Blog

    Join me in all the adventures and discoveries of my third pregnancy!

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    pregnancy pillow

    Don't sleep on your back during pregnancy!! Pregnancy pillows can help you do just that! Read up on the benefits of the pregnancy pillow.

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    I cannot believe I am already 23 weeks along....!

    I'm going to try to catch you all up on the last 23 weeks! (for myself too) Time has just flown by! Before I know it Jan 17th will be here! There's lots to do and discover and get through until then. I am super excited and can't wait to write!

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    pregnancy pictures

    Wondering how to capture your pregnancy on a budget and still get pregnancy pictures that will last a lifetime?

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    pregnancy, hair loss, women

    Are you developing a receding hairline after the birth of your baby? Pregnancy hair loss in women is normal!

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    pregnancy brain

    pregnancy brain

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    pregnancy gum sensitivity

    Bleeding gums during pregnancy?? Don't worry...you are probably not suffering from some gum disease, rather just a common side effect of being pregnant. very sensitive

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    about me

    The creator behind the Ma & Me clothing line

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    second trimester

    Wondering what happens to your body and your baby during the second trimester? Find out how to get through it all.

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    pregnancy heart palpatations

    pregnancy heart palpatations

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    pregnancy emotions

    pregnancy emotions

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    pregnancy weight gain

    pregnancy weight gain

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    pregnancy cravings

    pregnancy cravings

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