What is Pregnancy Nesting?

The answer is simple...pregnancy nesting (commonly referred to as nesting), is that compulsive urge to clean and purge and re-clean EVERYTHING! (did I mention that nesting makes you want to clean????)

I think this pregnancy "urge" is funny because most women think..."yeah right, as if I would ever get the urge to WANT to clean???"

I honestly thought the whole idea of nesting was a little strange until one day when I found myself sitting in the middle of a very very clean house and realized that I had just spent the last 2 hours on my hands and knees cleaning the baseboards. WOW!

My nesting didn't end there...

ohhh nooo! I think the worst of my nesting happened when I stayed up until 2am to refold the baby clothing that I had just spent all afternoon folding to perfection. I believe my husband had to lock me out of the baby's room the nest night so that I wouldn't refold anything. Too funny!

Can nesting lead to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

I can see how some people may become worried about their nesting getting a little out of hand. Fear not! The cleaning and sorting and folding and recleaning, resorting, and refolding WILL eventually stop. Life as you knew it will once again return! Yes someday soon there will once again be dust on your surfaces and dirt on your baseboards!

Don't let nesting take the place of ......

....your sleep! Your body still needs it's sleep dispite your urges to clean till the wee hours of the morning. If you must clean till 2am every night then try to remember to take naps the next day (while you still can!!! ) Oh how I love naps! I miss them...and a clean house!

What to do instead...

You can try to take up some new hobby or even an old one that somehow got neglected over the years.

Have you always wanted to learn how to:knitsewscrapbookbake (but not as an excuse to feed your pregnancy cravings 24/7)make cardslearn to play guitar (hard to do with a big belly;)decoupage somethingCharcoal bbq (my hubbie will love this suggestion)

well if this list sounds lame just remember that these are only suggestions but maybe that's all you are looking for. There are many sites to look at on the internet that can suggest some cool things to fill up your spare time. (www.bored.com)

If you are anything like me when I was pregnant you can't really help but clean. It's almost as if you have this deep need within you to clean or sort things. You may not even feel satisfied until you have. After it all...just make sure you sit down and enjoy all that hard work!

Happy Nesting!

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