Is this Frequent Urination going to stop anytime soon?

Well, probably not as soon as you would like! Frequent urination is natural during pregnancy. And yes, it is rather annoying especially during the hours of 10pm and 10am when all you want to do is sleep.

BUT...the interrupted sleep does have its purpose!!

When our bodies feel the urge to pee during the nights, it is our bodies way of preparing us for those ohh so sleepless nights when the new baby comes. The baby's daytime routine of feeing, changing and burping every 3 hours or so doesn't stop just because it's night time. Ohh no my continues on throughout the night! (for a while!)

Without this 'training period' you would have no way of getting used to a nightime routine full of interrupted sleep and you would run the risk of sleeping through your baby's cries.

With frequent trips to the bathoom, I found that I became a total light sleeper, which was the exact opposite of how I used to be back in my University days. To this day (2 kids later), I continue to bolt awake at the sound of a pin dropping. Something new however, is being able to fall right back to sleep...easily!

What causes frequent urination?

The reason for the frequent urination is due to the growing size of your uterus. As it grows in size it presses on your bladder and other organs causing your frequent urination. As well, there seems to be more bodily fluids that are passed through your kidneys and bladder when you are pregnant. Your body is working so much harder than normal during this pregnancy.

Some suggestions to decrease frequent urination...

  • Don't drink a lot before bedtime. If you must drink because you are thirsty, try sucking on an ice cube. It makes you feel you are drinking a lot more than you really are!

  • Empty your bladder right before you go to bed

  • Try to lie on your side during the night. Your ever expanding uterus will not press as much on your bladder in this position

  • Other than these suggestions...

    ...just count it a blessing that we have some sort of "work up training" to the sleepless nights we would otherwise never be able to handle!! Just hang in there! The annoyances associated with your sleepless nights and frequent urges to pee will soon be replaced with the joy of your new little one!

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