Your Guide to Pregnancy Pictures

Capturing your BEAUTIFUL belly...forever (on a budget!)

Every pregnant woman wants beautiful pregnancy pictures to capture her growing belly. Unfortunately, most pictures tend to turn out just BIG and unflattering! There are a few pointers that can be given to ensure that you get some low cost, but very amazing pregnancy photos.

You can learn a lot from looking at a few examples of what NOT TO DO...!

Don't just yank your shirt up over your head to take a picture of your belly!

Try to get someone else to take the picture for you!

Try to make sure the angle is a flattering one!

Try to make sure your background is not cluttered!

So...what else makes great pregnancy pictures??

Here are a few more tips:

1. Wear one of your fav tops or dresses. When you look back at the photos years later, you will be happy that you chose your clothes carefully. These are the few photos that will last a lifetime.

2. Pick a neutral background with little or no clutter to distract from your beautiful pregnancy pictures.

3. Try to get the person who is taking your picture to stand level with you or better yet...slightly higher than you. This will ensure that you will not have a huge belly and a head the size of a pea! (TRUST ME...if you don't follow'll end up with brutal pictures)

4. Pick a spot in your house and take a picture of your belly EVERY WEEK in the same spot. Then at the end of your pregnancy you will have an amazing chart of the growth of your belly.

Professional Pictures vs Do-It-Yourself ?

Is it worth it to pay for professional pregnancy pictures?

There are some amazing photographers out there that do such a great job capturing your pregnancy. Unfortunately, these photographers usually cost an arm and a leg. Unless you know them and they are willing to give you a major discount you probably want to try to find another option.

Though it is very nice to get professional pictures you can get some great picture results on your own. Don't be intimidated just try some of these suggestions that are sure to help you create the most amazing self-taken pregnancy pictures. (If they turn get all the bragging rights!!)

1. Get a black sheet as a backdrop and take black and white photos.

2. Editing your photos on your computer can turn any so-so picture into a very glamorous one.

3. If you enjoy nature, try taking a few photos outside on the grass, leaning against a tree, or sitting by flowers or water.

4. Try taking pictures with the sun in the background to get a glow effect for your photos.

5. Try pictures in different positions (lying down, sitting while staring down at belly, standing while holding belly and looking thoughtfully away from camera).

To come up with other ideas take a few moments to look in magazines or online at professional photography websites. There is no harm in trying a few of their ideas. If all fails, just delete and try again. (Just one of the amazing benefits of living in the age of digital photography!!).

Have fun and don't forget to take some beautiful pregnancy pictures while you still have your belly!

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