This is me Jules! I am the creative brains behind the clothing line called MA & ME as well as this Pregnancy and Baby Boutique website!

I live in a small town with my hubbie and kids. I am a stay at home mama who loves to sew! I truly consider it a blessing to do what I love to do!

A few years ago my hubbie and I came across an organization called "Gospel for Asia". We saw a video by the founder KP Yohanan which touched our lives and got me thinking about what I can do for the Lord each day with my own life.

I know right now that God wants us here, raising our 2 beauties but I also know that I want my life to have so much more meaning and purpose than just living each day. I knew that I could still do do my part for God's Kingdom.

All my life I have wondered what my talents were for exactly. Why ever did God give me a love for music, art and sewing? Lately, I began to think that maybe these talents were sort of going to waste because I was not really using them to glorify the Lord. I was just using them for myself or else not using them at all.

So...we decided to start this home based business which has been in the works for many years. We also decided that a huge chunk of the profits I made from my home business would go towards different people and groups that could use our help.

Now I may never find out on this side of heaven what good this all did...but I want to believe that I made a difference!

I think I may have finally found the reason why God made me artsy...!!!

For those of you who might be interested in building an ebusiness based on a topic for which they have a passion, Solo Build It! can help.

If you check it out, though beware of the Google bomb. This site explains it all: SiteSell.