Looking for morning sickness cures?

Below are some morning sickness cures that will hopefully alleviate your symptoms...

The first things every pregnant woman who is nauseous looks to find are some morning sickness cures. Most women who find out they are pregnant suffer from some degree of morning sickness.

Unfortunately morning sickness is sometimes referred to as an 'all day sickness'. There is no telling when the nauseous feelings will strike. It is always good to have 2-3 morning sickness cures in your back pocket that seem to work for you.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you find your morning sickness cures:

Avoid smells that bring on your morning sickness:

This can sometimes seem impossible especially if you are the "meal maker" as i was. In this case I tried to cook things that didn't smell gross to me. It was a shock to discover that my morning sickness symptoms made me dislike many of my favourite meals. I also found that I couldn't stomach the smell of things like cooked ground beef or spices of any kind . As a result, my husband and I turned into vegetarians and I often sat in my room when dinner was being prepared.

  • put on fans to blow the smell of food out of the kitchen

  • open windows

  • when you morning sickness symptoms just won't go away try eating in a room other than the kitchen or by yourself away from the sight or smell of other people eating (this is hard when you have company over). For me this sometimes meant eating alone in my bedroom. when i did this my morning sickness seemed to dissipate long enough to get some food into my hungry belly.
  • when your morning sickness is so bad that you just can't stomach to look, taste or smell of food, have someone else do the cooking. This may be your favourite of all the morning sickness cures!!! Now this one may have to be negotiated...you may end up washing the car or taking the garbage out... ha ha! Better opt for something a little less physical though... after all you are pregnant!!!

  • eat your food cold. Less smells come from foods that is cold.

  • put a few drops of an essential oil like "lemon" onto a piece of fabric like a handkerchief and have it with you at all times. When you cannot get away from a smell that nauseates you simply put the handkerchief to your nose and smell it. I sure wish i had known this little trick when i was pregnant. It seems like a good morning sickness cure when out in public.

  • lie down and rest listening to some relaxing music

  • eat to alleviate morning sickness:

  • have a salty something or other prior to eating

  • don't drink fluids with your meals instead drink them in between meals. I was unaware of this helpful tip. I found that drinking ice cold water temporarily alleviated the morning sickness symptoms during a meal however, the nauseousness would always quickly return so there must be some truth to this.

  • try not to skip meals if you can help it. This will only add to your morning sickness symptoms. You know the feeling you get when you are beyond hungry. You feel like you are going to be sick. Avoid this by eating whenever you can during the day.

  • avoid spicy or fatty foods because your body has a harder time digesting them

  • avoid sugary foods and sweets as this may add to your morning sickness symptoms. This may actually be easier than you think especially if these food items are making you feel sick.

  • don't worry if your diet consists of plain rice or dry cereals.

  • Try some of these morning sickness friendly snacks:

  • ginger snaps

  • dry crackers

  • dry Cheerios or other dry cereals

  • suck on a piece of ginger root

  • sniff a fresh lemon peel

  • watermelon

  • graham crackers

  • yogurt

  • rice cakes

  • baked potatoes

  • sip on carbonated beverage

  • peppermint tea

  • ginger tea (made by boiling some ginger root in water. Strain it and add honey to sweeten.)

  • suck on anything tart (sour) : lemonade popsicles (home made), sour pickles, sour lolipops

  • tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm or cold water

  • Avoid warm places:

    Sometimes heat can bring on that morning sickness nauseous feeling. If this happens, cool fresh air seems to help out.

    Take deep breaths:

    This seemed to work for me. I took long deep breaths immediately when i felt the morning sickness symptoms coming on. Cool air works best.

    Change your morning routine:

    This is important if your morning sickness strikes you hard when you first get up.

  • have soda crackers or dry Cheerios beside your bed. It is good to munch on a bit of food before getting out of bed. Allow the food 20 minutes to digest and then try to get up. This of course means setting your alarm to get up earlier which in itself is rather painful. But...it's a small sacrifice to make if it eliminates your morning sickness right???

  • get out of bed slowly!! If you try this and feel that morning sickness creeping up on you simply lie back down and wait a little while longer before trying to get up again.

  • maybe your morning sickness cures lie in a cup of non caffeinated tea containing ginger or peppermint. These herbs have long been known for having a calming effect on the stomach. Remember when you were a kid, home sick with the flu and your mom gave you a glass of ginger ale? It always seemed to work. Ginger in it's various forms seems to be a great aid in helping with morning sickness.

  • get plenty of rest and take lots of naps when you are able to

  • Your prenatal vitamin may be causing some of your morning sickness symptoms:

    If you sense that your morning sickness is connected somehow with taking your prenatal vitamin you should wait until your doctor says it's o.k to stop taking it. The daily dose of Folic Acid and other vitamin supplements within the prenatal vitamin are necessary for the very early stages of your baby's fetal development.

    I came to the realization that i often felt very nauseous after taking my prenatal vitamin first thing in the morning. So I decided to wait until some of the morning sickness symptoms had passed before i took it. If you also decide to do this, make sure you don't forget to take it. As previously mentioned, your prenatal vitamin is very important to the well being of your baby.

  • taking other vitamin supplements might also work to help relieve you of your morning sickness. Vitamins like the B6 have been known to calm your nauseous stomach.

    What causes morning sickness?

    Pregnant mothers undergo lots of changes within their bodies. Morning sickness can be caused by a few things. Firstly, hormone levels are increasing. This throws your body all out of balance. The effects of hormonal changes vary from getting your period, to becoming emotional, to experiencing morning sickness.

    Secondly, low blood sugar levels may contribute to morning sickness. This may be caused by not eating foods that contain the essential vitamins that our bodies require.

    With my first pregnancy, I was concerned my baby was getting all the nutrients it needed. My morning sickness was causing my nutritional food intake to be rather unbalanced. My doctor told not to worry about my baby and that it was getting all the nutrients it needed from my body. My doctor told me that my own body would suffer from lack of these nutrients because the baby was taking from my storehouse of nutrients. Realizing this I then did my best to re-supply my own body with these nutrients.

    One of the morning sickness cures for low blood sugar levels is to have a snack high in protein before going to bed . This will potentially help to keep your blood sugar levels regulated during the night. This should help lessen your morning sickness feelings in the A.M!

    Research done on morning sickness found that the nausea and vomiting may actually be your body's way of keeping harmful chemicals, bacteria and illnesses from you and your baby. These same researchers found that in cultures where the diet consists mainly of fruits, veggies and non dairy products that the symptoms of morning sickness were virtually unheard of. Morning sickness cures may lie within the very foods we eat. Follow the link to pregnancy nutrition to find out more information.

    Still looking for morning sickness cures that will work?

    Have you tried all of the above suggestions and are still suffering from morning sickness or even severe morning sickness? Keep looking and don't give up until you have tried everything possible to find morning sickness cures that work for you. Here are some other suggestions I came across in my research that just may be of help. I hope you find many morning sickness cures that work for you!

  • Try wearing an acupressure wrist band - the type worn by boaters to avoid seasickness
  • wellness cd: Research indicates that this morning sickness cure is over 90% successful in reducing or eliminating morning sickness symptoms. The cd has been tested by the National Health Service in England. Through a mix of calming music, frequencies and pulses which interrupt the signals from the brain to the stomach it works to relieve your morning sickness symptoms. I have not tried this morning sickness cure, but if my next pregnancy should cause me to experience severe morning sickness i probably would seriously consider this as a possible morning sickness cure.
  • happy mama spray:is an aromatherapy spray made of natural ingredients that you simply spray on your wrist and then smell when you feel morning sickness symptoms. This is along the same lines as the "handkerchief" suggestions listed above.

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