Ready To Take A Pregnancy Test?

You can read the packaging on your specific pregnancy test to know exactly what you are to do, but for most pregnancy tests you simply take the test out of the package, take the cap off the end of the pregnancy test and then you sit down regularly and start to pee.

Hold the pregnancy test into your urine stream for a good 5-8 seconds. Yes, pee can sometimes get on your hands but in order to get an accurate reading you must keep the test stick in your urine stream. I found that the more urine soaked the stick was the quicker the results.

Avoid My Mistake...

...and buy yourself two pregnancy tests!! I had the unfortunate experience of peeing on the stick, leaving it on the bathroom counter, waiting for what seemed like hours before i finally had the courage to turn over the stick and see my results...only to find....NOTHING! The pregnancy test was a dud and that was the only pregnancy test i bought.

I was unaware that sometimes they don't work. So...please don't cause yourself any two pregnancy tests..just in case!

What does 'False Negative' mean?

So you've read the first month pregnancy symptoms and found that you had most of the symptoms but your pregnancy test said 'negative'. This pregnancy result is called a False Negative because it says that you are not pregnant when really you are! How can this happen?

1. When you get pregnant your body immediately begins to release the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). The level of this hormone in your body must be given a chance to rise to a level that can be detected.

Doctors recommend you waiting until the first day you miss your period to take a test. It is also highly recommended that you use your first morning pee to take the test because your hCG levels are higher then.

2. If you don't hold the pregnancy test stick well enough or long enough into your urine stream you may get a false negative result.

It's Positive!!! you know! So many questions are probably beginning to swirl out of control inside your head. You main question may be...

what now?

You may choose not to tell anyone but your spouse and a few tight-lipped friends about the news! Some people wait about 12 weeks time before they announce their pregnancy because statistics show that most miscarriages occur within this time period.