Don't worry....Pregnancy Brain may be the cause of your forgetfulness!!!

For centuries, pregnancy brain has been experienced by most pregnant women. Other names for it have been Mommy brain, baby brain or placenta brain. This nickname refers to a pregnant woman's forgetfulness.

Many doctors believe this is just a myth. But, for some people their forgetfulness has made it utterly impossible to function and complete even the most simple of tasks. Besides forgetfulness other symptoms can include confusion, stress, anxiety, the inability to concentration, and increased clumsiness.

Experts say that Pregnancy Brain is a temporary side effect of pregnancy and that it should last only a few months after you have had your baby. However, some women are under the impression that with each pregnancy they lose brain cells that they never get back. Though it may seem like this, this is not true!

The severity of your forgetfulness can vary...

  • Forgetting where you placed your keys and then finding them in the freezer

  • Forgetting your phone number or your best friends' phone number that you have dialed with your eyes closed 1,000 times a day for the last 10 years

  • Forgetting what you were saying a million times a day

  • Forgetting what I was going to say or what I was going to do was as severe as it got for my memory loss. I guess compared to the above examples I had it good! Remember, if one of these more extreme examples seems familiar, don't worry yourself too much. Your short term memory will return soon!

    A study done recently...

    ...evalutated woman's memories and found from more than 400 pregnant women, 250 mothers, and nearly 400 non-pregnant females that pregnant women performed the worst on many parts of the test.

    The researchers also found that this forgetfulness lasted for up to one year after the birth of their babies. It may even last longer however, no research has been done on the subject matter past the one year (post birth) mark.

    What causes Pregnancy Brain?

    There have been some tests done to determine if in fact, this forgetfulness has a cause. Research has shown a few potential reasons:

  • Increased Levels of Hormones: Hormones cause increased headaches, and fatigue which can both lead to forgetfulness.

  • Busy thinking about baby: Your brain can experience difficulty concentrating on anything other than your baby.

  • Using the right side of your brain: The right side of the brain is used during labour and delivery therefore it has been suggested that during pregnancy our bodies may tend to be slightly more "right-sided" as preparation of what lies ahead!

  • Lack of sleep: It is very important to get plenty of rest and to nap whenever you can. Your body is working double time now.

  • Stress: This can be caused by worrying about what lies ahead or the inability to do things as easily as you used to.

  • Poor diet: With morning sickness this can become a bit of an issue earlier on in your pregnancy. Hopefully once the nausea comes to an end around week 11 or 12 you can eat a more balanced diet.

    What can I do to get rid of my absent-mindedness?

    1.Relax: Don't get worried or stressed as this has been known to cloud one's mind and can contribute to your forgetfulness.

    2.Drink lots of water: Dehydration can cause the electrolytes in you system to be all out of wack.

    3.Get plenty of rest: Your loss of memory can be attributed to much sleep deprivation during pregnancy. Your frequent trips to the bathroom during the night, your endless thoughts and worries about pregnancy, labour and the delight of the fast approaching arrival of your little one can all create some sleepless nights. Nap when you can. Anyone, pregnant or not, having little or no rest will experience some "fuzzy" brain.

    Good News!!!

    It is only temporary! It should cease after the birth of your baby or shortly there after! I must warn you however, that from time to time I believe I am still experiencing forgetfulness which I have now chosen to rename "post pregnancy brain". I am not sure just how long this forgetfulness is supposed to stick around. My youngest is 17 months old now. Still, I'd like to think that my forgetfulness is because of post pregnancy brain and not because I am getting older ha ha!!

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