Maternity Clothing

Are you tired of wearing the same old oversized t-shirt and your husband's sweatpants? Do you hate feeling frumpy wearing the maternity clothing you have in your closet? Are you wishing you had some more stylish or trendy maternity clothing? Ma & Me maternity clothes seems like the perfect place for you to begin looking for some closet updates!

This is the defninition of FRUMPY!


Ma and Me has designed a line of maternity clothes made up of: maternity dresses, maternity skirts, maternity shirts, maternity pants, and maternity accessories with you in mind.

Each piece of clothing has been handmade with love. They are all one of a kind, stylish, trendy and durable to last you for your many pregnancies.

You will not find anyone dressed in the same outfit as you. You will be the most uniquely outfitted beautiful pregnant mama this world has ever seen. There will never again be a need to have a day where you don't feel like what you are...beautiful!

How to buy maternity clothing?

It is always hard to find maternity stores that suit your specific style of dress, though stores do seem to be getting better in that department. However, what size maternity clothing you should buy seems to be of equal challenge.

Most pregnant women shop for clothing when they are newly expecting for maternity clothing that they will eventually wear many months down the road, therefore it is hard to know exactly what maternity clothing sizes you should buy. After all, none of us knows just how big our pregnant bellies will actually get.

Most maternity stores will have a "bump" with velcro straps that fasten around your waist. You simply place this bump on your own pregnant belly and then proceed to try on clothes. These bumps should come in a few different sizes.