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First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

Am I Pregnant?

Do any of these first month pregnancy symptoms sound familiar?

  • Your Period is Late: This is usually a sure tell sign that you are experiencing first month pregnancy symptoms. Some women do experience slight bleeding at the beginning of their pregnancy. When the egg is fertilized and implants itself into the uterine wall occasionally some blood is dispersed (implantation bleeding). This bleeding is usually a light brown/pinkish colour and lasts for only a few days. Though it is rare, some women do have their regular period throughout their pregnancy.

  • You Are Very Tired:
    You may find yourself going to bed earlier and having a brutal time getting up in the morning. You probably haven't had a nap since the days when you needed to recover from your late night cram sessions in school...but you will probably love the idea of napping now! The hCG hormone has a sleepy side effect on your body. Your body is also working double time because it is also taking care of your new baby. Take naps whenever you can fit them in.

  • Breasts are Tender/Sore:
    This tenderness is caused by the changes in your body as your breasts are prepared for milk production.

    I had incredibly sore nipples when i was pregnant. The intense pain increased when I was cold and the only relief i could get was to put pressure on my nipples. I did this by putting my hands to my chin area and then pressing my arms down onto my breasts. It also helped to get tight hugs from my husband. Going through the freezer section of our grocery store was a painful experience during my pregnancy!!

  • Nauseous/Vomiting:
    This is also known as 'morning sickness' .

  • Food Cravings:
    This may or may not be a sign of pregnancy. You may be waiting for the craving for pickles or ice cream or a combination of the two of those but for many people their pregnancy food cravings are not all that outrageous.

    My food cravings consisted of oranges and apple juice and the ohh soooo wonderful taste of "fudgio cookies". No pickles and ice cream for me thanks!!!

  • Frequent Urination:
    You may realize that you are going to the bathroom many times a day and others may even be noticing. If this is indeed one of your first month pregnancy symptoms, I am going to let you know now that the frequent urination does not get better throughout your pregnancy.

    Your frequent urination will continue on into the night and cause you to wake up more and more as the months go on. But don't worry, all of this has it's purpose as you will see.

  • Fainting or Dizziness:
    This is a first month pregnancy symptoms that can sometimes last throughout the pregnancy as well. Feeling faintish or dizzy can occur when you suddenly stand up after sitting for a long time, when you go upstairs or even have to stand for long periods of time.

    This is one of many first month pregnancy symptoms that I experienced with both my pregnancies. I would have to lean on my husband in a grocery store line up or at church or anywhere where i had to stand for a while. Sitting down or lying down (if possible!) were the only things that seemed to relieve that fainting or dizzy feeling.

  • Darkening of Areola (breast nipple):
    Areola is the area around your nipple. It tends to get darker when you are pregnant. Along with other month pregnancy symptoms this change is related to hormonal changes in your body.

  • Backaches:
    This is due to the uterus pushing on things inside your body as it grows bigger. As your body tries to adjust to this "backpack" on your front, your back, joints and muscles get all out of wack. They are trying to compensate for the new weight gain in that certain stomach area.

    If you are having troubles sleeping it is also because lying down pushes the uterus against other things within your body and causes more strain. Your doctor will tell you to sleep on your side to help alleviate this pain and strain on your body.

  • Constipation:
    This first month pregnancy symptom is caused by hormones that add to the slowing down of the digestive system, causing food to take a longer time to go through your system.

  • Raised Body Temperature:
    If you have felt a a bit hot and feaverish for the past few weeks, chances are you may be experiencing one of the first month pregnancy symptoms. Your body is working hard for the new little one inside you and the amount of blood in your body is increasing by 50%.

  • Slight Spotting or Cramping:
    As mentioned above, slight spotting is common due to implantation bleeding. If cramping persists and becomes intense don't hesitate to contact your doctor's office.

  • Metallic Taste In Mouth:

  • If you are experiencing more than one of these symptoms, chances are you are experiencing First Month Pregnancy Symptoms.

    It is time to buy yourself a pregnancy test!

    Taking a pregnancy test is the only way to confirm if you are in fact experiencing first month pregnancy symptoms.

    The only other way to confirm if you are pregnant is to go to your doctor's office and get a blood sample taken. The home pregnancy test seems the easier option.

    Not exactly the results you were looking for?

    If you are reading this page about first month pregnancy symptoms and you think you may be pregnant your heart is probably racing. But it may not be racing from excitement, rather from the fear that you are actually pregnant.

    A million thoughts must be running through your head like...
    What now?
    i can't be pregnant?
    Why is this happening to me now?
    What are my parents, friends going to think?
    What am i going to do with this baby?
    I can't keep this baby?

    Perfect timings don't exist. You may be newly married. My husband and i were only married 1 month before discovering we were expecting our first baby. Sure i was excited but i was also very scared. I was scared that it was too soon and not the ideal timing for newlyweds.

    I was scared that my husband and i wouldn't be able to spend anytime alone with each other ...just the two of us. I was scared that i was hardly used to being someone's wife, let alone being someone's mommy.

    Maybe you are not married. Maybe you are a teenager or in your early twenties. You made a 'mistake'. Well, firstly i want to say that no baby is a mistake. They may be a result of our 'mistakes' but the baby is not the one at fault here.
    The world we live in will present you with many options. Ultimately, the world will tell you that it is your decision but remember there are two of you now. I encourage you to read about those options following the above link and as well to watch this amazing video by Louie Giglio. I have only put part 3 on here but feel free to find the rest of his talk on!

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