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Pregnancy Week By Week

This is the exciting part of all of this...your pregnancy week by week! There is so much going on inside of you and it's hard not being able to see it all. We all want to know what the baby looks like at any given moment. We also want to know what the baby does all day and night inside of our pregnant bellies.

There are such great pockets of information out there on this subject but it's hard to find all the information you are looking for in one place. With these pages my intention is to bring all of those great resources together into one site. I know that I would have appreciated someone else doing the bulk of the research work for me. So, here it is.

If you are wondering....

  • What exactly is a trimester?
  • What is my baby doing during week 5?
  • What is supposed to be happening to my body during week 12?
  • When do I go to the doctors?
  • When is my Ultrasound supposed to be?
  • What is an Ultrasound?
  • Then look no further because you WILL find the answers to these questions and many more suprising and wonderful facts you had no idea about.

    Follow the links to find out further details and view pictures of the weeks you are intersted in.

    The First Trimester (weeks 1-week 12)...

    Week 1: You are actually not pregnant at this time. You are ovulating (egg pushed from ovaries into falopian tubes where it awaits fertilization from one lucky sperm!)This is the first day of your LAST menstral cycle (period). This is day 1 of 280 days you are pregnant.

    Week 2: You are still not pregnant. You will become pregnant in about a week's time.

    Week 3: Your egg has been fertilized by the race-winning sperm and this egg now moves down the fallopian tubes and implants itself into the uterus wall, which is why there is sometimes spotting. This cell is now called an embryo.

    Week 4: This week your body now knows it's pregnant. The placenta now starts to form upon the spot where the cells implanted into your uterine walls. The blood from you will not pass into the placenta. This is the stage where morning sickness kicks in.

    Week 5: The brain and spinal cord are now developing. From this the cells will divide into 3 layers to form the rest of the body and all it's intricate parts.

    Week 6: Your baby's heart starts beating! Mid-week many organs are starting to form (eyes, arms, liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, lungs, and pancreas)

    Week 7: This week your baby will double in size. The tongue can be seen, the jaw is visible, and the arms and legs are growing still.

    Week 8: The part of the brain used for muscle movement begins to form. Elbows, wrists, hands an feet are forming. Ridges where fingers will be are forming. the eye and heart are further forming. The teeth are now forming within the gums. The voice box and wind pipe are forming.

    Week 9: Cartilage and bones are forming and the sex organs will develop to determine if you are having a boy or girl. Fingers and thumbs are developing and your baby is a lot more active.

    Week 10: Ear lobes fully form this week. Full upper lip has formed. Toes are starting to form. Roof of mouth is forming and the tongue actually develops taste buds!

    Week 11: This is the week where the baby starts to straighten out and the sex organs are becoming distinguishable. The baby starts to develop muscle structures that vary from baby to baby.

    Week 12: Baby is now opening and closing it's mouth. Here begins the development of the fingernails. Brain is now the structure it will be at birth. Gall bladder and pancreas will fully form this week.

    The Second Trimester (week 13-week 28)...

    Week 13: Your baby will develop vocal chords. The intestines will move into place and will become lined with villi.

    Week 14: You can finally hear your baby's heartbeat at the Doctor's office. Your baby will practice breathing, sucking and swallowing. Baby's hands further develops.

    Week 15: The head of your baby now rest on it's neck and not on it's shoulders. The hair and it's patterns will be laid out by the middle of this week. Your baby can turn it's head, open it's mouth, kick it's legs and press it's lips together as well as turn it's feet.

    Week 16: Toe nails will start to grow this week. The muscles in the baby's body as well as in it's head and neck are growing stronger and straighter every day.

    Week 17: Blinking, sucking, swallowing will be worked on still. The weight of your baby will increase 6 times during the next month.

    Week 18: Finger and toe prints will develop this week. Eyes and ears will move to the right spots on the face. The baby will start to develop Meconium ( poop) in it's bowels. The coating on the nerves that speed up nerve cell transmisisons and insulates nerves will start to develop. This coating is called Myelin.

    Week 19: Vernix, a coating of creaming white looking substance will begin to cover the baby's body. The female fetus is developing it's ovaries and is born with all the eggs she will ever have.

    You are half way there!!!!

    Week 20: Keep going!!! Hair and eyebrows will begin to develop this week. Week 21: Baby's leg and arm movements increase as muscles and bones become stronger. Amniotic fluids are being replaced every three hours or so. A stethoscope will be able to detect the baby's heartbeat.

    Week 22: If your baby is a boy, it's testicals will start to move into the right area. The hair continues to grow.

    Week 23: The bones in the middle of the ear will harden and thus start to make sound possible.

    Week 24: The skin of your baby is wrinkled but will soon being to fill out as fat deposit occurs. You can hear your baby's strong heartbeat just by placing an ear on your stomach.

    Week 25: Baby's skin colour begins to form. Nostrils start to open. Finger nails and toe nails begin to cover part of the nail bed. Lungs start to develop blood vessels.

    Your Third Trimester(Week 26-Week 40)...

    Week 26: The eyes of your baby are opening for the first time. Your baby can blink. Eye lashes are growing in length now. Hair on the head is also growing. Improvements are made on sucking and swallowing functions. 85% survival rate at this point if the baby was born early.

    Week 27: Experts say because brain tissue is forming rapidly that babies start to dream. The brain is very active at this stage. Baby's heartbeat can be heard just by putting an ear to your tummy area.

    Week 28: The baby is still moving around a lot at this point. Breathing, and maintaining body temperature are some of the new things your baby can do. The little hairs all over your baby's body are now starting to disappear.

    Week 29: Eyes move around in their sockets now.

    Week 30: Your baby is starting to get cramped up in there at this point. Movements have slowed down and the baby is now resting in the fetal position (knees up by chin). Lungs are nearly completely developed as is the digestive system.

    Week 31
    : Growth starts to slow down at this point. Baby can see, listen, breath, learn and remember. Major organs are still maturing.

    Week 32: Baby's 5 senses are all fully developed. Baby's iris' react to light.

    Week 33: Baby may start to suck it's fingers.

    Week 34: Immune system will start to develop. Pigment in eyes forming.

    Week 35: Baby may shift it's position in the womb to face down towards your pelvis.

    Week 36: Dimples and fat rolls will develop as the fat deposits continue to build on baby's body to keep it's temperature.

    Week 37: Baby will turn towards light. This weeks ends the development of the baby's body but it's growth will continue.

    Week 38: Meconium (poop) is building up in it's intestines.

    Week 39: Baby settling down into position for birth.

    You made it!!!

    Week 40: WHOOT WHOOT! Your body will be giving the baby antibodies to protect it from diseases.

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