Pregnancy Gum Sensitivity

What is with my bleeding gums?

The bleeding you are experiencing when you brush your teeth is referred to as pregnancy gum sensitivity. I experienced this with both my pregnancies and it was really not a big deal. It always looked bad and alarmed me while brushing my teeth!

At first, I kept wondering if I was brushing too hard or too much or if there was something wrong with my teeth. But...after talking with my local dentist I realized that this was all a part of expecting a baby.

What causes this sensitivity?

You may have read this already read this fact on the varicose veins webpage (so carry on if you have)...BUT for those of you who havn't read this "did you know that while you are pregnant your body has 50% more blood in it?" This extra blood is required for both baby and mama during the entire 9 months process of creating this bundle of joy inside of you. This is why you experience bleeding when you brush your teeth.

Should I be worried ??

NO! Do not worry that you have some fungi-of-the-gums because you are spitting out some blood when brushing your teeth. The bleeding was no longer an issue after the birth of my baby!

Of course do continue to go to your regularly scheduled dentist appointments to make sure everything checks out.

If you are at anytime concerned about anything to do with your mouth you can make a dentist appointment to make sure everything is good.

On a more positive note....

The amazing part of all of this for me was that at my regularly scheduled dentist appointments there was no tearing at my gums and flossing my teeth for fear of agitating my already sensitive mouth even further. I rather enjoyed my nine months of freedom from the dentists' pick and scraper! You should too!

How can I help prevent the bleeding?

You can't necessarily stop your the bleeding in your mouth because it is just something that comes with expecting a baby and cannot be helped all that much. With each of my two pregnancies there were differences. I did not have as much sensitivity in my mouth with my second pregnancy as I did with my first. To combat some of the bleeding I would suggest to simply:

  • Brush a little lighter
  • Floss gently!
  • Rinse with salt water afterwards

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